Quad Bilateral Switch DIP Specifications. The CDBC is a quad bilateral switch intended for the transmission or multiplexing of analog or digital signals. CDBE Texas Instruments CMOS Quad SPST Analog Switch IC – NOS 5 x CD CMOS AND GATE Quad 2 Input IC – USA SELLER – Free. You can regard the as 4 relay contacts but there are a bunch of constraints that limit this analogy. The main ones are: . On resistance is.

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Practical Electronics/IC/4066

I have a computer and two monitors. I want to build a device so that I can switch between to monitors. I would use buffers like and a microcontroller. Is there any buffer like with 16 or 8 switches?

Because has only 4 switches and I have to use 4 buffers for each monitor. On some devices pins 4, 11 and 12 are no-connects i. I would try and make a switch that accomodates 1, 2, 3, 13 and 15 as change-overs but I kc using a may not be fast enough – look for a video switch element. Important PSU info It is possible that you will need an analogue switch that is powered above ground 5V typically and below ground -5V to accodate the AC nature of the video signals.

As for finding a device, this may be suitable as it is a 3-port switch with 7 channels: This is something you need to determine for sure but it looks promising.

Using a as a change over switch. You need to connect these in pairs so 1 chip will only provide 2 changeovers. The you will also need 2 inverters per chip. For switching 5 lines you require 3 x s and 1 hex inverter.


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IC buffer like with 8 or 16 switches Ask Question. Anindo Ghosh 46k 7 84 Mehrdad Kamelzadeh 4 8 How many lines are you trying to switch? You may not have to switch all of them.

audio – How does the CD Work? – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Andyaka The standard monitor port has 15 pins. I think I have to switch them all. ConnorWolf sorry I forgot to say. MehrdadKamelzadeh I was thinking in terms of a very simple rotary switch.

The grounds are commoned between the input and output connections. Of course you could do the same thing with relays and either operate these with a single switch or drive them with transistor switches controlled by a micro. Here’s a collection of various pin VGA schemes: Andy aka k 10 Perhaps even the two sync signals do not need to be switched: They could be buffered and fed to both monitors at the same time.

AnindoGhosh I’m hoping someone will explain that – I have a suspicion you are correct but the TI chip accomodates them so maybe it does need to?

From what I can find out, disabling the sync signals serves only one purpose in KVM switches: For the older monitors which do not have any other mechanism of detecting signal presence, disabling sync starts off the power-saving timer, at the expiry of which the monitor enters a low energy state.

Newer still ancient, since we’re talking VGA monitors use other forms of signal presence detection, either RGB signal delta, or DDS signaling, to initiate low-power sleep mode. That is why some monitors can autonomously enter sleep mode even with an image on screen, if the image never changes. AnindoGhosh I guess the OP has to decide what market he’s aiming at but quite possibly he should switch the 7 lines that the TI does – it should be backwards compatible even if functionality is lost.


Andyaka would you please tell me how shall I connect that to a micro-controller?

How to Build a Quad Bilateral Switch Circuit

The datasheet is not telling that clearly or I might not fully understand that. And how shall I connect VGA to this?

A few circuits to consider. Using a mechanical switch – 6 pole change over.

How to Build a 4066 Quad Bilateral Switch Circuit

For relay switches with transistor drivers. And Jippie says his colleague has had quality issue with rotary switches. Don’t you think I would have the same problem with relays? MehrdadKamelzadeh Yes the is low bandwidth but the is not the only analogue switch IC on the market.

As regards the mechanical switches and relays that will depend on the type and quality of the switch and how you deal with earthing and wiring. Have a look at RF reed relays.

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